Trying to Put on Extra Muscle?

Get help from an experienced physical therapist

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, anyone can go with the tried and true method of picking things up and putting them down. But you can make the most of your time spent training by hiring a physical therapist from Gifted Hands Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation.

Our physical therapist can work with you to help you improve your body and achieve your goals. You'll learn exercises and techniques for targeting specific muscles that you want to improve safely and efficiently. Sessions are available for individuals and small groups, from a single session for $40 to three sessions at $125 or five sessions at $200.

Take the first step in improving your muscles by contacting us today.

What strength and conditioning training can work on

There's more to effective exercises than just building muscle. Strength and conditioning training will help you improve...

  • Heart and lung function for better endurance and recovery
  • Overall flexibility for increased range of motion and improved balance
  • General health including body posture and metabolism
With professionally-guided training, you'll be less likely to injure yourself and can make sure every minute you spend training is as effective as possible. Hire our physical therapist for strength and conditioning training by calling 609-647-1381.

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